" Waiting for the LIGHT….. "All those days, Watching from the windows.All those years, outside looking in.All that time, never even knowing.
Just how blind I’ve been.Now I’m here, blinking in the starlight,Now I’m here, suddenly I see.Standing here, It’s all so clear,I’m where I’m meant to be.And at last I’ve seen the light,And it’s like the fog has lifted.And at last I see the light,And it’s like the sky is new.And it’s warm and real and bright,And the world has somehow shifted.All at once, everything looks different,Now that I see you….

" Waiting for the LIGHT….. "

All those days, Watching from the windows.
All those years, outside looking in.
All that time, never even knowing.

Just how blind I’ve been.

Now I’m here, blinking in the starlight,
Now I’m here, suddenly I see.
Standing here, It’s all so clear,
I’m where I’m meant to be.

And at last I’ve seen the light,
And it’s like the fog has lifted.
And at last I see the light,
And it’s like the sky is new.

And it’s warm and real and bright,
And the world has somehow shifted.
All at once, everything looks different,
Now that I see you….

" Monsoon Variety "

I can not explain what I was thinking when I took this photo, 
when My eyes found this vegetation crowd, all I could see was variety of so many greens and also plants in a small area. more than 5 types of plants were sitting there in a single frame.

this photo may not be as attractive as any other but the theme of the photo caught my interest and I’m still holding on to it.

I still want to find out more about Why I couldn’t stop myself from clicking this photo…. :) 

In the grand race of human development and time , MONSOON, is reaching later every year or say disappearing from many very fast….
and leaving us with lesser water and more “water-problems”….

dedicated to the beautiful monsoon that can only be experienced in a very few tropical countries ,
WE are living in one of them….

"where’d you go….
we miss you so….
seems like its been forever, that you’ve been gone……

please come back home!!!” ♫♪♫♪♫♪


A slit of window,
viewing the light-show ;
furious wind-flow,
and a pair of eyes that glow!

Shy mountains….
….hiding behind the haze;
Chirps and twits…
….there goes the bird race;
Still and calm…
….trees that often wave;
Laughing and rushing….
….Its the river going insane!!!

Windy air,
Drizzling rain,
freezing into the twilight;
A boy stands in pain…..

Happy ,healthy and satisfied,
He glanced around again;
" This is IT!!! ", He claimed ;

the SOLACE he’s found…..

" White-browed fantail flycatcher "

January days, warming sunrays !
day-dreaming stare & many thoughts to share,

Foggy mornings, chilling afternoons,
a ‘flycatcher’ is chirping in my bedroom !

A favorite book in my hand
and mugful of hot chocolate in the other,

Life can not get simpler than this,
" Oh dear birdie, what’s there to bother??? " 

‘ Morning  glory ‘

 (My first visit to Kanha National park Jungle , Oct 2011)

Me and all my wildlife crazy friends had been planning this Jungle camp to Kanha National Park (MP,India) for past few months, and finally the day had arrived!

With high hopes , minds full with ideas , and very little patience , we enjoyed a day’s journey.
It was already night when we reached our hotel in Kanha.
That night was spent under the warm blankets , dreaming about the  cold dawn ahead and the look of the jungle in the morning sunrays!
Yes! The winter had already started in Kanha……

The next morning , we started our first ride very early, even before the sunrise.

I had heard many descriptions about Kanha’s beautiful jungle and terrain for so many times ; also had seen it in many photos , videos and documentaries.
But feeling I got, when we first entered that jungle, has no comparison to any of those photos or videos.
Only by seeing those warm coloured sunrays , I felt warmth somewhere inside me. A wake up call!

Mixed shades of hues in the sky, gently warming morning sunrays, a tree waiting to welcome us, the grass grown higher trying to conceal the secrets of the jungle and the pathway , cutting through the dense -moist mist , inviting us inside the treeline …..
The Jungle was waking up…….
A few moments later, my Body was still cold , eyes were stunned, mind was busy in composing a frame and hands were enabling the camera settings! The Nature had already took control of me…
And this is how our safari began….
I feel very happy to have this mesmorizing landscape as my very first ‘impression’ of Kanha!